I am currently editing photos from Malik’s second birthday this past saturday and the rest of Lolita’s B Pics.

My visit to the NYS Museum

While in Albany with my co-workers, i got lost separated from the crew. So I decided to explore the Capitol and had enough time to visit the New York State Museum, which happens to be right across from the state capitol building.

The museum had some compelling exhibits, mostly focused on the history of NYC including homage to Ellis Island and old NYC. I got to sit in an A Train from the early 1900’s!

The exhibit that was most emotional for me was the 9/11 first responders exhibit. I’veĀ  lived in NYC for most of my life, so there’s no explanation needed here.

one of the beams recovered from Ground Zero.

one of the beams recovered from Ground Zero.

On my way out of the museum, I walked through a replica of Sesame Street! and as much as i wanted to, nope- couldnt sit on the steps. : )..i did sing the theme song though!