Happy New Years!

This was a great year, and i look forward to sharing more photos with all of you in 2010. At this point i have a lot in store for the ’10. For starters, I have already been booked for a wedding! The couple doesn’t even know when or where they will say “I Do”, but they want me to be their photographer.

So 2009, farewell old friend, and I’ll “see” all of you next year!

PS. keep an eye out for my “best of 2009” post.


6 Steps to a great photo

Warm weather…right now!

it is about 25 degrees here in NYC! I think that this must be the weather gods’ way of getting back at me for going to Jamaica this past August, and then again in September.

haha! I’m just joking. But trust me I have been thinking about the beach all day today. And while i’m in bed resting/trying to keep warm, I just happened to find these photos stored in my phone.

Floral Beauty

While doing some grocery shopping, I came across some Poinsettia’s on display. How gorgeous are they!?

Dawning of a New Day, Art Exhibit

If you happen to be in Brooklyn, go to The Artists Gym in Park Slope to see a few of my pieces on display in Dawning of a New Day!. The show, put together by Mo’ Black Art, opened this past Saturday 12/5 and will continue until the 11th.

While there you can check out work by other artists and photographers, as well as buy select items. The three pieces chosen for this exhibit and for purchase are:

Lolita 85
Lolita 85

Senator Adams/Rally in Albany

Come Hither Shoes

Sharif’s sunset headshots in DUMBO, Brooklyn

Today was probably the coldest day since Fall started! but that didn’t stop Sharif and I from trekking out to the waterfront in DUMBO, Brooklyn.

Here are a couple of teasers from my shoot down in DUMBO/Brooklyn Bridge Park, where you can see the bridge in all her beauty!