Elizabeth and Aris get Married in Battery Park

On May 15th, I had the honor and pleasure of documenting Elizabeth’s marriage to her beau Aris at Battery Gardens. Can you say romance!!?? They approached me last fall, and asked me to design their invitations, not realizing I am a photographer as well as graphic designer. When they came across my photog blog, they were VERY interested in hiring me as a photographer and i could not let them down! Take a look at these pics and of course I had to throw a shameless plug in the lineup of my graphic design skills : )
Let me know what you think : )   : )

I was just snapping away and realized at the last moment that I had gotten this, (it is SOOC)…Elizabeth and Aris did the “first look” before walking down the aisle. This is not a posed photo, yet look at HER EXPRESSION. So aggressive and SEXAY!

Check out this shot of Elizabeth looking out toward Aris as she begins her strut down the aisle. So romantic Liz!

And because all my girls/Knotties love a great detail shot…


5 thoughts on “Elizabeth and Aris get Married in Battery Park

  1. thing is as good as the reviews. Because I wouldn’t know until the wedding day, would I? And if something bad should happen *knock on the wood* then I’m screwed. So wish me luck!

    Does any of you have any experience with Duta Wedding

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