Boxing Day at Font Hill Beach

The day after Christmas my family and I piled up in our neighbors minivan and headed to a beach in the parish, Font Hill Beach! What an intriguing place! Font Hill is all volcanic rock adorned with fossil impressions. It’s utterly amazing how earth can “check you” in a moment and let you know just how old she is.

If anyone knows me they’ll know I could not pass up this Honda CGL 125 motorbike in the parking lot… and its almost as if that Ethiopia sticker was made for the bike 🙂

I normally don’t texturize my pics, but i felt this image was just crying for it. I see this pic as a large print in my office very soon!

On the rock platform looking out to the water.

Jade on the swing in color…

…and in black and white! Silly gal she is. But I love this pic!

There has been a heavy response to this pic on my Flickr feed and on my Facebook profile. I’m so glad I snapped this one, it was very unexpected! Anywho, this is my cuz Dave standing on treacherous volcanic rock. Notice there are no up close and personal shots on this end of the water. It was pretty rocky, and if you look out you will see a shallow reef where the waves are breaking.

SOOC image of Dave diving off of said rock. The water is amazing!

Here is a wicked silhouette of my mom! I like this pic bc she is web shy and you cannot detect her identity. I’m sure she will be happy with this picture!

This last image will probably hang on a wall in my house, very soon! The fossil and volcanic rock bring out a texture/dimension that you can almost touch and the colors are reminiscent of a beautiful palette of colors throughout my home (i.e: coppers, reds, yellows, a tinge of green and brown). If you’d like to download a copy of this and any other pic go my Flickr photostream. For prints feel free to shoot me an email! As always, thanks for reading!


4 thoughts on “Boxing Day at Font Hill Beach

  1. Man, I should have come down to where you were! Falmouth was beautiful and all but soooooo windy it was hard to enjoy. The water there looks so calm in comparison!

    And I do love that photo of your cousin on the rocks!

    • Hey Jaye Thanks! It’s so funny that we were in JA at the same time. the water at Font Hill was a bit rough (and cold). Im sure it had to do with all the bad weather in the northeast. I may be back in JA in the spring.

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