Bikes and Photography @ The NYC Bike Show

This past Saturday an old friend from Junior High School and fellow photographer, Lerone Ault and I trekked through the snow and traffic to hit up the Jacob Javits Convention Center… NYC BIKE SHOW Baby!!! Bikes and Photography, all in one place! I was in heaven! Most fun I’ve had all year 🙂

This blog post will have no fluff. Lets get straight to the pictures that were all detail shots taken with my macro lens.

The Oz Trucking Bike custom painted by MackAir out of Florida.

A booth vendor with all sorts of bike parts on sale.

The bike was leaning, not me : )

A dope, reflection shot of Lerone and I on the “Cobra” bike. This may make it to my banner for the blog! Epitomizes my photography style!!

A beautiful lady (with her cutie pie son) from Blaque Pearls MC out of Harlem. Lerone just loved her dreads…as did I. I can’t imagine how freaking sexy she looks when she rides!

This by far, is one of my FAVORITE PICS of ALL TIME!!! It was taken at the Nikko MotoRacing booth. I loves (yes, loves) it! I nearly missed this shot, bc at one point we were at one side of the booth talking with the exhibitor (read: Lerone talking to the exhibitor, me checking my makeup in the mirror LOL!!!). It wasn’t until we went full circle around the showroom floor then double backed that I stumbled upon this gem, metered it and snapped a few. Will you just look at that bokeh … I will be ordering this as a large scale print very soon!

The US Marine Corp Bike on a rotating display. It took a lot of acrobatics to get this shot, that and actually crossing the barricades they had up 🙂  Anything for the picture!! Gotta love the uniform button detail on the frame.

Tattoo Tony, well what can I say about this photo, besides HE”S HOT!!! and trust me I’m not your typical biker chick that loves tats and all that, because I don’t, but HE’s HOTTTTTT…Long hair don’t care…I love it! I cut a couple of people off just to get this pic. How gracious he was to pose for me and it looks like he knows his angles too!  Check out his shop Under My Skin in NJ.

This was one of the bikes in the Great Biker Build Off Competition to be aired on the Discovery Channel. “Details” is my middle name.

Another detail pic of the Donkey Punch Bike built by Chaos Cycles out of LI. They actually won the competition! Here’s George from Chaos sitting on “my” bike for an interview at the show. link to video.

Lerone capturing “Jewel” from Lady Unity Rydaz out of New Jersey.

As always, feel free to download any items you’d like as wallpaper by going to the flickr page. Message me if you’d like to purchase a print to hang or to give as a gift! Oh and here’s one of me with an old riding buddy from Ruff Ryderz (credit: JR). Have fun looking and downloading and see you next year, Bike Show!!


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