Simmonds Wedding | Bronx + City Island New York

Without further ado, here are some pics taken at the Simmonds Wedding a month ago. What a beautiful day for a wedding! After Yasmin and Kash’s church ceremony, we went to Victory Memorial Park for family photos, then City Island’s The Harbor restaurant for the reception. It was an awesome (and long) day for me- after I wrapped up shooting the wedding, I raced back to Brooklyn then drove to Newark, NJ for the Sade Concert…Talk about precision timing! Well here are Yasmin and Kash’s pics. These are pretty much straight out of the camera (SOOC), slide show link below. Enjoy!


Such a lovely bride!

A tender mother-daughter moment before we head to the church.

Here comes the bride.

A song for the couple.


A bit of the tablescape with the groomsmen in the background.

Father daughter dance 🙂

A funky dance move from one of the family members.

Yasmin and Kash in their own moment in time.

Thanks for viewing! Here’s a slide show with a few more pics from the day [link to pics]. Thanks for viewing!!

note: book your wedding with me before fall prices go into effect!


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