Knight Kids Teaser!

Something I’m working on right now! Cutie pie, ain’t she?

RKgirl screenshot wm

Flashback: Elizabeth + Aris • Battery Gardens, NY

I feel so lucky. Tomorrow I am shooting a family session with Elizabeth, Aris and their little one, AJ. It was just last year that I designed their wedding invitations and then documented their wedding day at Battery Gardens in Battery Park City. It was one of the most fulfilling days as a photographer and I think that tomorrow’s shoot will not disappoint! I am very lucky that I have clients that enjoy my work and care about my well-being. Elizabeth and Aris were very understanding during a very rough period in my life last year; when I lost my uncle and then my grandmother within the same month. We were mid-way through designing their invites when I had to fly to the UK for my uncle’s  funeral on short notice…talk about patience!

Well, here are some previously unpublished shots of the wonderful couple from their wedding day last May. Can’t wait to meet AJ tomorrow!

“First Look” gets Aris a little choked up. AEM056wm


Their family members were so proud, it was like paparazzi on the Ritz Carlton Hotel balcony…”Over here Aris!”AEM061wm


This was not staged in any way… Liz and Aris are naturally this romantic 😉AEM141wm