A Family Shoot in Stuyvesant Heights

I really enjoyed photographing families last year. One of the last  sessions  I did was in October with Robin, Will, and her pet hens- General Tso and Potpie. Robin and I met in 2007 when she had just started The Clinton Hill Blog and I had just landed the job at PACC. We’ve kept in touch all this time and I was so thrilled to visit the family at their beautiful turn of the century home and snap a few pics for her.

Seeing Robin’s home life, I cant imagine knowing a couple that lives more sustainable and I just adore their backyard. It’s very quaint and makes for an ideal place to take photos; loads of textures (brick, wood, straw fencing, etc.) and moderate northern exposure…


…doesn’t Robin look lovely back-lit? this is one of my favorite pics! It was so tough getting this photo because i began cracking up when the hens decided to run back and forth in the background- lol.



General Tso in the foreground, Potpie in the back.

Potpie and General Tso being fed by Robin

The hens, love blueberries!


The moment Robin picked up General Tso, the hen immediately showed off her profile for me : )


I hope, if Robin decides to do a lifestyle blog, that this photo is used as a banner. The wood in the background is reclaimed from an unwanted  shed the couple found on the internet. They took it apart and used it against the divider. It makes for a unique installation and conversation piece!


I just love a happy ending, don’t you? Thanks for having me, Robin, Will, Potpie, General Tso and their sweet puppy that passed away this week- Mallow.



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