Hey, I’d like to share my favorite blog post of all time- 2011 Vision Board. Last year I put together a “board” that has images of all my dreams and desires. In the future I’d like to post more personal entries so that you can see where and how my life has improved since being more open with my heart and mind. If you’re thinking about all your goals for the year, have a look at this post on creating your vision board for success. Enjoy! – M

Photography by Michelle Etwaroo

2010…Oh how I am so glad that last year is gone and never to return. 2010 was an incredibly difficult year for me. Every month was like a soap opera playing out, from January right on down to December. I had, not one but, two immediate family members pass away back to back (one in February and the other in March). A cancer scare in April, surgery in May, and a whole lot of sickness, recovery, PAIN and overall grief from June until December. Overall, I am grateful for (most of) those experiences and to be here still standing; And that my passion and ABILITY to perform as a photographer has not waned in any way. Trust and believe, I don’t take anything for granted these days.

With the New Year like a field of fresh snow, most folks are trying to seize the opportunity and use it as…

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