Boxing Day at Treasure Beach Jamaica

I was fortunate to visit Treasure Beach with my family for the first time during my trip Jamaica this past holiday. This beach is only an hour away from my residence along the south coast. It was a beautiful day. However, once we arrived we got a bit of news that made us have to turn around. So I didn’t do anything, but order a mixed drink at Jack Sprat, walk to the beach, looked around a bit, then got back in the van. We drove all the way to Linstead to tend to family business. Here are some photos of my short visit to Treasure Beach with some details of the bar at Jack Sprat.

There’s a lot of kitschy old memorabilia hung on the pillars around the bar. The ground serves as a reflector in this shot.



They had an old-time juke box!


Such a cute sign, one of my favorite images from the set. The colors are so “Jamaica” and i just love the juxtaposition of that photo on the bottom right (giggle).


This is my other fave!


Irie Vibes…Natural Mystic! :   )



I envy the folks that live in those houses on the cliffs. Ill return to Treasure Beach, and the next time ill make it to The Pelican Bar!
Until next time – XOXO



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