Happy First Anniversary Yasmin and Cash!

A year ago today Yasmin and Cash and their families (and of course me!) braved 100 degree weather for their wedding and reception at City Island. I had a blast with you guys and wish you many more years of happiness together!






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Mandy + David’s Brooklyn Wedding

This April, fellow photographer Anselm Scrubb, asked me to join him to shoot Mandy and David’s wedding. Here are a few of the images I shot that day.

We began our day at the Sheraton Downtown Brooklyn, in Mandy’s suite. Here are a few of her getting ready, or as I like to call it, the calm before the storm.






One of my favorites! Hair and Make-up gals going in on the bride, time is ‘a ticking!

I asked the Matron of Honor how she feels knowing that Mandy will be a married woman in just over an hour- this is what she came up with, lol


Another favorite! Mandy is stunning!

Dave and Mandy met and were married at The Brooklyn Tabernacle. The story of how they met, was told at least three times that day and every time i heard it , the story got better and better. Mandy and David both signed up for new member classes at the church. On the first day, David arrived late and there was only one seat left, next to Mandy, so he took it. At some point during the class, the instructor asked everyone to swap phone numbers with their neighbor. David asked Mandy for her number and they became friends. Over time, it lead to a relationship and then eventually an engagement. I would love to sit with these two and hear more about their courtship. It sounds so romantic- to find love where you least expect it! They both found God and each other on the same day.



Timeless and Classic : )

The wedding reception was at Water Street Restaurant in DUMBO Brooklyn. Beautiful venue and the food was very good!




Thanks for having us, Mandy and David, you two are such a beautiful couple!

Teaser:: Mandy + David’s Wedding

An image from Mandy and David’s Wedding last month. ♥


Ava and Andrew’s Engagement Pics

So excited to finally share these!!! (squeal!)

Had to get that out of the way.

Anywho- Ava is former schoolmate of mine and of course we are friends on Facebook. She contacted me in April to see if I was available to shoot her and her fiancee’s engagements. We talked about locations, but from the start,  Ava had her shoot all mapped out in her head (i love this girl!). We decided on three different places that Ava and Andrew held dear to their hearts. What’s great about each of them is that all three of them have a different feel.

First off Tabare, a Uruguayan Restaurant in Williamsburg. This restaurant has a rustic, yet modern feel to it; aged wood panels and concrete tables. From the moment i saw pictures of this place, I knew that I wanted to have Andrew and Ava cozied up and just into each other, like no one else is around. And just a foreword, they didn’t even need the champagne the owners poured for them. These two just melted into each other : )




The next restaurant we visited was Kiwiana, right across from the Park Slope Food co-op. This venue was a brand new establishment, but had a vintage-y cottage feel to it. Tin ceilings, ornate wainscoting… I love, love, love the wallpaper, it reminds me of the house I grew up in London!

Ava+Andrew Blog2

I love this series. the colors are so warm at Kiwiana-


The atmosphere here made it easy to giggle like no one is watching! BTW, we were on our second flute of Champagne…I have to go out with these two more often!


Then we popped over to Ample Hills Creamery in Prospect Heights. I should be ashamed of myself for not visiting this place before…ooooohh homemade ice cream less than 10 mins from my house. Ample Hills is bright, colorful and has a suburban / country feel to it.




The weather was so beautiful! Ideal conditions for a shoot. I don’t think we would have survived if it were like it is now in NYC, Chilly!


Before wrapping, up we headed on over to Prospect Park.


Can’t you just feel the love!!?? I told them to get in close, and boom! This pic looks like they are in the middle of a rain forest, right?


I couldn’t finish this post without posting an outtake, so funny lol.

Ava+Andrew Outakes04wm

If you’d like to have me shoot your engagements, visit my site at http://www.michelleetwaroo.com and hit me up on the contact page. Until next time friends : )