Nassie’s Sunset Photoshoot in Prospect Lefferts Gardens

On what was a hot and sultry evening in August, I met up with Nassie to take some portraits of her. She was looking for a relaxed style of images that she could interchange professionally and personally. we kept it local and it worked out in our favor seeing as how my neighborhood has some beautiful tree lined streets. You be the judge!

I like to begin with subtle photos, to get my folks warmed up…


There you go!


Nice figure you’ve got there Nassie!



I couldn’t resist taking this photo. I had to capture how grand the houses are here!


“Miss Nassie, give me your come hither look, GREAT! Now turn to me… chin to shoulder… eyes directly on me…”.




We finished up with this last pic. a simple headshot made very beautiful!


For the next few weeks ill be shooting more of these portrait sessions. If you want to join in on the fun, send me a message!


One thought on “Nassie’s Sunset Photoshoot in Prospect Lefferts Gardens

  1. Fantastic photo shoot. I love the hot pink dress! Can Nassie please send it to me?…LOL

    I LOVE that street. One of the reasons that I moved to Troy is because it reminds me of Brooklyn with all the historic architecture. Do you live in an old house? What people pay in Troy for a historic house is a fraction of what people pay in New York City.

    Anyway, I admire your photography skills and you are encouragement to me to make the most and the best use of my new DSLR camera.

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