Carmen’s Fashion Forward Beauty Session

On a sleepy Saturday morning, Carmen came to the studio and we got her all dolled up. I must say, she is a GEM to work with! Im so lucky to have had her in front of my lens. These are some images i am VERY VERY proud of. When i photograph you i hope that you will be just as open to trying new things like she was. All in all, Carmen gave the make up artist and i so much to work with!

This lovely Latina has two young children… can you believe that?!  Here’s what she had to say after she saw her images,
…”Daaaaaamn! You rock the house!”

Well here she is, don’t you just love the nude lip with those eyes? Thank you Thalia, one of NYC’s best makeup artists!



We paired this mango colored bustier against Carmen’s skin, and I think it worked out rather well!



Quick outfit change into a black lace number…and this is the first thing she gave me!! WERK!


So beeeuteeful!


A soft gaze into eternity.


OK! Doesn’t she look like Alicia Keys here, or is it just me!!??


Finally, Here’s a cute outtake…. i just love these.
Email Me today to book your session, i promise to make you smile just as bright as Carmen : )



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