Turkey in the City Pt.1

Last month i did a photo shoot in Manhattan, a week before i went to London. This was one of the quirkiest requests I’ve ever received. Apparently three young women visiting from Turkey, wanted to have some photos done while they were sight-seeing.   Here is a quote from the initial email, “…We just don’t want to stop somebody in the street and ask to take our photo anymore…”. I didn’t know what to think of it.

After a few phone conversations, I went to meet these young women outside The Plaza Hotel. We ended up having a blast in what turned out to be a rainy Sunday afternoon. This was one of the most easiest and fun shoots ive done. The “Turkey 3” were such great sports! Have a look at Tania…oh did I mention how gorgeous these gals are? Check Tania out, how beautiful is she?

More photos from this shoot to come.

“Turkey in the City” teaser

Here’s a teaser I had saved in my Iphone, of last Sunday’s “Turkey in the City” photoshoot. I’ll explain the title soon… I promise.