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Mandy + David’s Brooklyn Wedding

This April, fellow photographer Anselm Scrubb, asked me to join him to shoot Mandy and David’s wedding. Here are a few of the images I shot that day.

We began our day at the Sheraton Downtown Brooklyn, in Mandy’s suite. Here are a few of her getting ready, or as I like to call it, the calm before the storm.






One of my favorites! Hair and Make-up gals going in on the bride, time is ‘a ticking!

I asked the Matron of Honor how she feels knowing that Mandy will be a married woman in just over an hour- this is what she came up with, lol


Another favorite! Mandy is stunning!

Dave and Mandy met and were married at The Brooklyn Tabernacle. The story of how they met, was told at least three times that day and every time i heard it , the story got better and better. Mandy and David both signed up for new member classes at the church. On the first day, David arrived late and there was only one seat left, next to Mandy, so he took it. At some point during the class, the instructor asked everyone to swap phone numbers with their neighbor. David asked Mandy for her number and they became friends. Over time, it lead to a relationship and then eventually an engagement. I would love to sit with these two and hear more about their courtship. It sounds so romantic- to find love where you least expect it! They both found God and each other on the same day.



Timeless and Classic : )

The wedding reception was at Water Street Restaurant in DUMBO Brooklyn. Beautiful venue and the food was very good!




Thanks for having us, Mandy and David, you two are such a beautiful couple!

Sharif and Rick, Junkyard Dogs

What happens when you put two comedians and a dog in a junkyard?


A lot of laughter! LOL!!!!!


In the fall, I had the pleasure of shooting Comedian, Andre McSween (Sharif) and his partner Rick Knight for “The Chop Shop”, a show they produced and starred in. This was my most hilarious gig to date! Even during editing, I came down with a case of the  giggles (lol!). In case you’re wondering, YES, I have shot Andre before!






LOL! I’m sorry, not much words in this post…its just so funny…



This was going to be strictly shots of both of my funny guys, but then I saw this! Rick, are you trying to be a model? 🙂



Finally, here’s a full frame of the dog (who is very friendly btw) pulling Rick away from Andre. Feel free to check out the rest of the set by going to my Flickr page. There are some goodies there that are not featured. Enjoy!


Michelle is a Bad Ass Blogger!

Just a quick update, and then I’m off to shoot in lower Manhattan. Miss Moon’s Musings has chosen me to be their first Bad Ass Blogger feature of the year! In the interview I talk about my roots in photography, my overall style and what it takes to get THE photo. I also reveal that I will be giving away prints throughout the year! [read all about it here]

Check out the post and also subscribe to Miss Moon, as she delves into her life in Brooklyn and all the music, fashion and beauty along the way!


Tamar’s Headshots

Some headshots i did for Tamar, an aspiring actress and singer. Tamar trekked all the way from Rockland County to boogie w me. I was really feeling the black and white images, but will share the color ones at some point, either here or on my flickr page. Thanks Tamie!

Every time i see this photo i think of all those feel good music videos, from the 90’s. i.e.: That’s The Way Love Goes (Janet Jackson)

Does anyone else feel like they are looking at a Calvin Klein billboard?

This final teaser is one of my favorite pictures of ALL time! : )

Snow Day!

A snow day is a perfect day to edit photos. 🙂

Best of 2009 (Pro-Photos)

Yes, I know we’re in February now, but throw in a last minute trip to London for my Uncle’s Funeral, a huge workload throughout January, a virus on my studio computer and you have a blog post late by one month. These photos are my favorites that were taken in: Jamaica, Arizona, Brooklyn-NY, and Capital Hill-Albany.   So, without further ado, here are my favorite pro-photos of 2009. Thank you for allowing me to be inspired by all of you.

FYI. Each picture is tagged with a caption.

Gracie in the Cherry Blossoms

The Controversy that is Pedro Espada

Beam from the World Trade

Beam from the World Trade

Lolita 85


Howling Wolf

Gazebo at Moon Dance Cliffs, in Negril Jamaica

Sunset at Moon Dance Cliffs

View from my Balcony

"I've got you"

Sun is Shining

MJ's Biggest Fan


Jouvert Baby

Wave Your Flag


Sharif takes DUMBO...

Sharif Profile