Brigitte Bardot Inspires A Glamour Photo Shoot in Brooklyn

Let me start this post out by saying, I am so proud of this styled shoot Thalia, the queen of makeovers, and I collaborated on. Jenny wanted to be made over in the essence of French model, Brigitte Bardot. she wanted a set of images that evoked sexy, classy and tasteful. So for makeup, Thalia gave her smoldering black eyes, thick black lashes, matte nude lips and a fresh face with just a tiny bit of rouge to emulate the sultry French starlet. For hair, we gave her large pin curls to start Brigitte’s iconic, half updo. Along with a smoking hot outfit, I advised Jenny to bring an item that she cherished. So besides her morning “cup of joe”, lol, she bought a pretty silver art deco, chunky necklace.

Jenny wore only three things in these photos and although it sounds a bit sassy, she definitely looks beautiful and timeless. Keep in mind, Jenny is not a model, she is an every day woman and mother of a young child who learned about my services online.  So without further ado, here are a few pics from the ‘Jenny as Brigitte’ shoot.









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Teaser :: Cynthia


Special: Valentine’s Boudoirs!

Hey! It’s that time of year for all my lovebirds! Want to make his jaw drop this Valentine’s Day? Give him the best gift he’ll ever receive… a “For His Eye’s Only” boudoir collection of you. Valentine’s will come and go, but the images and experience will last a lifetime.

2012 valentines

The shoot is for one hour and includes: up to two outfit changes; 10 of your best images fully retouched; all images on a hi-res disc; private proofing and viewing gallery. The value on this package is equivalent to a 30% discount or $125 dollars off and if you book before Jan 20th you will receive a framed 8×10 of your choice!

If you’re nervous, don’t worry. This is what I consider a relaxed shoot and  in full privacy I will  capture you in a voyeuristic point of view- just naturally sexy and in the most artistic way you could ever imagine! With my direction, you will make your hubby the happiest guy ever!

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Morales Family | Long Island City

I was invited to to take some family portraits of Elizabeth, Aris and their bundle of joy, AJ near their home in Long Island City. I was so happy that the day finally came for us to make the shoot a reality. Every time we planned the session, it rained! We first picked a date in July, then August. On the third attempt, Hurricane Irene hit. Mother Nature finally cut us a break the forth time and we headed to Gantry State Park, which is right on the water across from FDR Drive. The view over there is something to see!

Here’s Aris Jr. Isn’t he absolutely adorable!!??


Dad and AJ. The look on each others face= PRICELESS.


AJ was a total “ham”.MoralesFamily28wm

This is quite possibly my favorite picture from this session.MoralesFamily36wm

Someone’s getting sleepy!

But it’s OK. When AJ went to sleep, I was able to give mom and dad the spotlight!

The spotlight’s on you Mr and Mrs Morales 😉 This is reminiscent of the last time I saw you two…

Photographers, sometimes textures can be found on location and doesn’t need to be added post-production.

See what I mean =)

Just in case you needed to validate our location-

OK Aris!


Elizabeth looks pretty darn amazing here! From what I hear she’s an excellent baker. Check out her site “Mi Almas“.

I had so much fun with you guys!

Flashback: Elizabeth + Aris • Battery Gardens, NY

I feel so lucky. Tomorrow I am shooting a family session with Elizabeth, Aris and their little one, AJ. It was just last year that I designed their wedding invitations and then documented their wedding day at Battery Gardens in Battery Park City. It was one of the most fulfilling days as a photographer and I think that tomorrow’s shoot will not disappoint! I am very lucky that I have clients that enjoy my work and care about my well-being. Elizabeth and Aris were very understanding during a very rough period in my life last year; when I lost my uncle and then my grandmother within the same month. We were mid-way through designing their invites when I had to fly to the UK for my uncle’s  funeral on short notice…talk about patience!

Well, here are some previously unpublished shots of the wonderful couple from their wedding day last May. Can’t wait to meet AJ tomorrow!

“First Look” gets Aris a little choked up. AEM056wm


Their family members were so proud, it was like paparazzi on the Ritz Carlton Hotel balcony…”Over here Aris!”AEM061wm


This was not staged in any way… Liz and Aris are naturally this romantic 😉AEM141wm

Bikes and Photography @ The NYC Bike Show

This past Saturday an old friend from Junior High School and fellow photographer, Lerone Ault and I trekked through the snow and traffic to hit up the Jacob Javits Convention Center… NYC BIKE SHOW Baby!!! Bikes and Photography, all in one place! I was in heaven! Most fun I’ve had all year 🙂

This blog post will have no fluff. Lets get straight to the pictures that were all detail shots taken with my macro lens.

The Oz Trucking Bike custom painted by MackAir out of Florida.

A booth vendor with all sorts of bike parts on sale.

The bike was leaning, not me : )

A dope, reflection shot of Lerone and I on the “Cobra” bike. This may make it to my banner for the blog! Epitomizes my photography style!!

A beautiful lady (with her cutie pie son) from Blaque Pearls MC out of Harlem. Lerone just loved her dreads…as did I. I can’t imagine how freaking sexy she looks when she rides!

This by far, is one of my FAVORITE PICS of ALL TIME!!! It was taken at the Nikko MotoRacing booth. I loves (yes, loves) it! I nearly missed this shot, bc at one point we were at one side of the booth talking with the exhibitor (read: Lerone talking to the exhibitor, me checking my makeup in the mirror LOL!!!). It wasn’t until we went full circle around the showroom floor then double backed that I stumbled upon this gem, metered it and snapped a few. Will you just look at that bokeh … I will be ordering this as a large scale print very soon!

The US Marine Corp Bike on a rotating display. It took a lot of acrobatics to get this shot, that and actually crossing the barricades they had up 🙂  Anything for the picture!! Gotta love the uniform button detail on the frame.

Tattoo Tony, well what can I say about this photo, besides HE”S HOT!!! and trust me I’m not your typical biker chick that loves tats and all that, because I don’t, but HE’s HOTTTTTT…Long hair don’t care…I love it! I cut a couple of people off just to get this pic. How gracious he was to pose for me and it looks like he knows his angles too!  Check out his shop Under My Skin in NJ.

This was one of the bikes in the Great Biker Build Off Competition to be aired on the Discovery Channel. “Details” is my middle name.

Another detail pic of the Donkey Punch Bike built by Chaos Cycles out of LI. They actually won the competition! Here’s George from Chaos sitting on “my” bike for an interview at the show. link to video.

Lerone capturing “Jewel” from Lady Unity Rydaz out of New Jersey.

As always, feel free to download any items you’d like as wallpaper by going to the flickr page. Message me if you’d like to purchase a print to hang or to give as a gift! Oh and here’s one of me with an old riding buddy from Ruff Ryderz (credit: JR). Have fun looking and downloading and see you next year, Bike Show!!

Best of 2009 (Pro-Photos)

Yes, I know we’re in February now, but throw in a last minute trip to London for my Uncle’s Funeral, a huge workload throughout January, a virus on my studio computer and you have a blog post late by one month. These photos are my favorites that were taken in: Jamaica, Arizona, Brooklyn-NY, and Capital Hill-Albany.   So, without further ado, here are my favorite pro-photos of 2009. Thank you for allowing me to be inspired by all of you.

FYI. Each picture is tagged with a caption.

Gracie in the Cherry Blossoms

The Controversy that is Pedro Espada

Beam from the World Trade

Beam from the World Trade

Lolita 85


Howling Wolf

Gazebo at Moon Dance Cliffs, in Negril Jamaica

Sunset at Moon Dance Cliffs

View from my Balcony

"I've got you"

Sun is Shining

MJ's Biggest Fan


Jouvert Baby

Wave Your Flag


Sharif takes DUMBO...

Sharif Profile