Cyber Monday Deal- EXTENDED

Because I’ve been running ragged and because I’ve neglected my blog readers. I am extending my Black Friday + Cyber Monday Deal until the end of this week. Simply message me to take advantage until Friday at 5pm. All shoots booked under the discount are eligible to be used until the end of February. Whereas anyone planning a wedding can use the discount until the end of June.

$200 gets you a one hour session with me and all retouched images. I will assist you with wardrobe choices before hand and direct you through poses on the day of the shoot.  For all my folks tying the knot, receive a $100 discount off of services. Reserve your date before the week is out!

Send me an email by going to my site:


Teaser:: Miss T’s Relaxed Portrait Session

Just a lil’ something from Miss T’s sunset session in Prospect Lefferts Gardens last week. Isn’t she purty : )


Nassie’s Sunset Photoshoot in Prospect Lefferts Gardens

On what was a hot and sultry evening in August, I met up with Nassie to take some portraits of her. She was looking for a relaxed style of images that she could interchange professionally and personally. we kept it local and it worked out in our favor seeing as how my neighborhood has some beautiful tree lined streets. You be the judge!

I like to begin with subtle photos, to get my folks warmed up…


There you go!


Nice figure you’ve got there Nassie!



I couldn’t resist taking this photo. I had to capture how grand the houses are here!


“Miss Nassie, give me your come hither look, GREAT! Now turn to me… chin to shoulder… eyes directly on me…”.




We finished up with this last pic. a simple headshot made very beautiful!


For the next few weeks ill be shooting more of these portrait sessions. If you want to join in on the fun, send me a message!

Teaser:: Nassie’s Sunset Photoshoot in Prospect Lefferts Gardens

Can’t wait to share the rest of these, so I’ll just post one and get back to editing : )


End of Summer Sale!

You asked for a summer special, and you’ve got it! Summer may be coming to an end, but cheer up! Here’s an opportunity to book that boudoir or portrait session you’ve been dreaming of, at a fraction of the cost. You’ll get beautiful, artistic images at up to a 50% discount. Don’t let this experience pass you by, book your session right away! Shoot me an email for more info!

Labor Day 2012 Special

Andre McSween’s 2012 Headshots

I have to give this man an award- this is the third set of promotional photos that he has hired me to do for him. We decided on Cadman Plaza in Downtown Brooklyn. Here’s a snippet of some of the images we shot that day.

Sharif at the Korean War Memorial Park


Because Andre is an actor and comedian, I figure we could use this to create a poster for a feature role.


We took a poll on my Facebook page to see which looked more pleasing- with out a texture or with one. . . The texture won! : )


I love this classic headshot! We’d never taken one before, probably because our shoots together have been of a comedic nature or just something edgy. But we had to get this one done.


Morales Family | Long Island City

I was invited to to take some family portraits of Elizabeth, Aris and their bundle of joy, AJ near their home in Long Island City. I was so happy that the day finally came for us to make the shoot a reality. Every time we planned the session, it rained! We first picked a date in July, then August. On the third attempt, Hurricane Irene hit. Mother Nature finally cut us a break the forth time and we headed to Gantry State Park, which is right on the water across from FDR Drive. The view over there is something to see!

Here’s Aris Jr. Isn’t he absolutely adorable!!??


Dad and AJ. The look on each others face= PRICELESS.


AJ was a total “ham”.MoralesFamily28wm

This is quite possibly my favorite picture from this session.MoralesFamily36wm

Someone’s getting sleepy!

But it’s OK. When AJ went to sleep, I was able to give mom and dad the spotlight!

The spotlight’s on you Mr and Mrs Morales 😉 This is reminiscent of the last time I saw you two…

Photographers, sometimes textures can be found on location and doesn’t need to be added post-production.

See what I mean =)

Just in case you needed to validate our location-

OK Aris!


Elizabeth looks pretty darn amazing here! From what I hear she’s an excellent baker. Check out her site “Mi Almas“.

I had so much fun with you guys!