Up And Coming Child Actress London Lorena

A year has gone by since this shoot took place, but I can’t believe I didn’t blog these! So without further ado, I introduce to you London Lorena! This vibrant little girl from Brooklyn wants to be an actress and print model. Her mother saw her potential and did the right thing by coming to me for some headshots.

London can sing, dance, do impersonations and has such a bright and dynamic personality. I hear she’s been successful at her most recent audition for PBS/Sprout. If all goes well, ill be sharing a video of her soon! Reach out to me on the contact page if you want to create some beautiful images, and/or comp cards for your aspiring child actor.

Photography by Michelle Etwaroo
Photography by Michelle Etwaroo
Photography by Michelle Etwaroo

And finally, check out this cute screenshot, a spread of her dancing to the “whip and nae nae” lol. I hope this relays the energy on set!

dancing screen shot


Headshots For A Child Actor Named Keith Moore

Last Sunday, I was commissioned to create a portfolio for aspiring child actor and comedian, Keith Moore. Keith’s mother, Andrea, contacted me after seeing the work I did on Megan’s kidney disease story. While that prompted her to call me, after meeting her son, I realized why she wanted to help him further his dreams to be in front of the camera.

Keith was a natural in front of the camera, and took direction very easily. He was easy to bring laughter or pensiveness to the shots. I loved working with him and I hope he goes far! If any casting agents happen to read this blog, please reach out to me and I will put you in touch with his parents. He is located in Brooklyn, NY but is looking for screen and TV work across the city.

Photography by Michelle Etwaroo
Photography by Michelle Etwaroo
Photography by Michelle Etwaroo

NYC NonProfit Photography:: Megan Summer’s Kidney Disease Takes Turn For The Worse

Hello Everyone! I’ve been working on a series of non-profit projects that particularly affect women and their families. I wish i could go more into the project but this leg of it is very urgent. I allowed Natilee McSween (wife of Comedian Andre McSween, one of my client all stars) to write this blog post for you. Here it is in her words, please support the cause or share the story.

Photography by Michelle Etwaroo

“My name is Natilee Tracy McSween. My 8 year old daughter, Megan Summer, will have her left kidney completely removed on 2/25/15. Our lives were permanently changed the day that Megan Summer McSween was born. Pregnancy with Megan wasn’t easy and we knew that life after her birth would be just as difficult. But, we had no clue what the journey and toll would be like.

When I was 4 months pregnant, we found out that Megan would be born with Bilateral Hydronephrosis (water in the kidney that obstructs and prevents normal renal functions). Since then, the many surgeries, the pains and the ‘what if’s’ are everyday moments. Every time Megan goes in for another scan or surgery, the anxiety that sets in as you hope this will be her last… Then the sad reality knowing the doctors could find something else.

It’s not easy and it never will be when your child is hurting, rattled and shaking with pain and you can never, ever, EVER do anything to take the pain away or ease her fears; or better yet the fears you as her parent and caretaker has.

All I can do is hold her little hands, as she squeezes mine and asks me to “Make the pain stop”. Or when she looks at her doctor after another scan and she asks “so when is the next surgery?”. At night I often have to rub her lower back to help ease her pain as she tries to sleep. There’s no tea or any other remedy to make her ever feel better, just pain meds. I kiss her forehead every night thinking (better yet hoping) will she have a peaceful, painless sleep tonight? I have done this every night, since the day I gave birth. Yet still, we are blessed to see how far she’s come despite the odds; my tiny itty bitty 5 pound baby girl with the perfect circular head. It’s these little moments, we have to help get us through.

This journey is not one that I can say is easy, it’s not a journey for a person that cannot take the hiccups that Pediatric Kidney Disease might offer. You have to have faith and you have to know that even with that faith, life will happen. When it does you just have to prepare for the next phase in the journey. Despite all we go through, it’s these simple words of Megan Summer “I Have No Worries, Just Keep Blowing Bubbles” that inspires me to keep fighting for her.”

Support Meagan Summer McSween’s journey by donating here: http://bit.ly/TeamMeganade
Story written by Natilee Tracey McSween
Photography by Michelle Etwaroo
Makeup by Deborah Conton

NYC WingFest 2011 at the Boat Basin Cafe

Streaker Sports hired me to document their 2nd Annual WingFest this past Saturday. WingFest is a competition where BBQ Restaurants compete for the title of Best Wings in NYC! The event was held at the Boat Basin Cafe, along the Henry Hudson Parkway near Riverside Park and weather was ABSOLUTELY gorgeous! There are so many pics from this set, lets just get right into it! I may have to break this post up into 2 (maybe even three parts! EEK!) The day was beautiful and so were the people in attendance. Please let me know if you were there by leaving me a comment.


Sunglasses that can also open  bottle of beer? YES PLEASE!!! Brewsees were awesome and let me test drive a pair. “Real Wo-Men Pry!”


The folks at Brewsees that make these awesome glasses.


Baby feeds mommy-


I just adore the packaging for Hill Country Kitchen.


Beautiful Girls at the R.U.B. BBQ Booth. R.U.B., being short for Righteous Urban Barbecue. FYI, her shirt says “Best Butt in Town”. The photo on the right is one of my fave’s from this set.


See what I mean …


Everyone was so friendly and more than happy to take a pic for me…


…including Big Lou, from Wildwood Barbecue.


…and this young lady, also from Wildwood.


The lovely ladies of East End Bar & Grill.


Sometimes the photos I love the most can be determined by whether or not I process them as a Black and White = )



DUKES!!! The crew from Dukes BBQ were so much fun! Personality was flowing the moment I got to their booth.


I began taking some action photos and saw a golden chicken vying for a cameo LOL! Do you see where the chef put it?


Yep! Duke’s was last years WingFest Champion! Looks like Duke’s BBQ even marinates their trophies (he he he).


There were a lot of love birds on Saturday. This lovely couple was so photogenic- another fave of mine. I just ♥ her body language.


So much sun and fun!


I looooove catching people with smiles on their face….stay tuned for more WingFest Pics! Part 2 coming in a bit!


Knight Kids Teaser!

Something I’m working on right now! Cutie pie, ain’t she?

RKgirl screenshot wm