The Chopshop pics are famous!

I have been doing a lot of private shoots lately, basically my clients are requesting that I keep the pictures off of my blog. I respect my clients privacy, so that’s why I’ve been so incognito recently. Today, I took a gander at my Flickr feed and saw this:

Screen shot 2011-04-09 at 3.18.37 PM

If you can’t see whats on the tiny icon, it is this picture from The Chopshop shoot that I did with comedians, Rick Knight and Andre McSween last October.


So apparently the pic was chosen by a random visitor on to my Flickr photostream, to be a featured on a Caption Competition website in the UK…the responses are, well… read them for yourselves LOL!!!

My favorite caption is the second one, “Well, Marty,” said Doc Brown, “At least most of the car’s gone back to 1955.”

What’s yours? Even better, caption it, id love to see what you come with!