Plus Sized Beauty Models for My Holiday Card

I decided, for 2014 to do a holiday e-card instead of mailing one out. It’s been wonderful to see everyone’s reaction to the card. I thank you all so much! Sabine, aka Oyasound is a popular afro soul DJ in NYC. I’m so thankful that she allowed me to use her as my muse and inspiration for the card. She has such a unique look, beautiful body and confidence that I had to get her in front of my lens.

And you know what? All of you on my eblast list loved her too! So many of you opened and reopened the email, commented and shared the card on social media….. It probably went viral in my little world. I’m so grateful to have supporters like you, Thank you!

Isn’t she beautiful?! I swear wherever this girl walked, the light followed her. There will be more pictures to come of Sabine in the studio. She really turned this out.

Happy New Year and until next time…
xoxo Michelle

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Photography by Michelle Etwaroo